Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Home Soon....

So we found out that we are probably going home either tomorrow or on Friday. Although the doctors still don't know why Emerson is vomiting, they have been able to greatly reduce her symptoms by putting her on a continuous feed, 24 ounces in 24 hours. This isn't ideal, and although we don't want to take Emerson home this way, it is our only option for now. Emerson's test couldn't be coordinated until next Wednesday. We will be coming back to Cincinnati then for Emmy's cardiac cath and endoscopy. Hopefully they find some valuable information that will lead them to a diagnosis!

If the doctors are unable to find anything with these tests, then unfortunately our only option will be to give Emerson a G-J tube, which is basically a feeding tube directly into her intestines so she won't be able to vomit. The only downside is that she would have to be on a continuous feed indefinitely.

I have a lot of faith in our cardiologist and am hoping that he will do everything in his power to figure out what is wrong with my little angle!1

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