Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Day In The Life....

So Emerson is on week 2 of her First Steps therapy and doing pretty well I think. We have been working a lot on trying to get her neck strong so she can hold her own head...soon we hope. We've also been working on some exercises with her mouth to strengthen her muscles so she can eat better. She is trying to roll on her side now, so hopefully in the next couple of months she will be able to roll over all the way...(fingers crossed)!

We also followed up with Emerson's surgeon..he placed her g-tube. He said that she healed very well and has gained weight nicely, which is the goal. He also cleared her for tummy time, yay, so I think that will help with her development as well.

Nothing else too exciting with her right now....although, we believe she might have started teething...yikes! She has been much crankier than usual and has the beginnings of two little teeth on her bottom gums! So big!

We also close on our new house tomorrow...exciting! Can't wait to make some memories with the girls there!

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  1. Yeah on your new house that will be fun!...and yeah for tummy time! :) Glad to hear things are going well! :)


Who knew they made hospital gowns for babies?!?